Paulo Avelino is Nadine Lustre's newest boss on 'On The Wings Of Love.'

A lot of people were truly surprised to see that Paulo Avelino is the newest character in the hit television series entitled 'On The Wings Of Love.'

Paulo Avelino was introduced on Wednesday. He plays the role of Simon, the company's new executive creative director, in short, he'll be Leah Olivar's new boss.

Talking about bad first impression, Leah (Nadine Lustre) came across Simon (Paulo Avelino) in a coffee shop which caused her to spill her drink all over her laptop. Despite that Simon handed her a check for her busted laptop, she still chose to scold and scream in Simon's face.

Little did she know that the man she scolded earlier was actually her new boss.

By the time of her presentation, she had the chance to apologize to Simon. He accepted it and he even admired her for showing passion for her work.

The JaDine Land claims that they're smelling something fishy with the sudden appearance of the Paulo's character. Will this be a love triangle?

Meet "Paulo Avelino" in OTWOL
Meet "Paulo Avelino" in OTWOL
Posted by Music Video on Monday, December 14, 2015
Source: ABS-CBN