Coleen Garcia's Wet Look Will Make You Drool!

Coleen Garcia shows off her sizzling curves and over the top hotness in her new magazine project that features her on cover with a wet and wild theme. 

Coleen Garcia's Wet Look Will Make You Drool!

The ‘Extra Service’ sexy star relates that, growing up, she didn't feel the need to focus too much attention on her looks. She was comfortable just wearing loose shirts and jersey shorts. 

But one day she just realized that she wanted to recreate her image. Thus, creating the Coleen Garcia we now know. Thank heavens, right? 

When asked what her beauty regimen is, she simply answered that she likes to drink plenty of water regularly to keep hydrated. 

Coleen Garcia has been recently engaged to Billy Crawford and they are set to tie the knot sometime in 2018.


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