Filipino Doctor Finds 5-Minute-Cure For Diabetes! This is Amazing!

With the Filipino's natural penchant for all things tasty, it's no surprise that we are one of the countries pegged as a "diabetes hotspot" by the International Diabetes Federation. According to their research, more than 4 million Filipinos were diagnosed with diabetes last year; a scary fact when you consider that diabetes can also lead to amputation, blindness, stroke and end stage kidney failure.

Good thing Dr. Kaime Dy-Liacco, an 82-year-old Metabolic Medicine specialist, discovered an extremely efficient way to cure diabetes, or so he claims. According to the doctor's press release, after taking his concoction, one can immediately feel the difference.He also clarifies that sweets are not the main cause of diabetes, it is the slow process of producing and taking insulin.


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