Karla Padilla After Son Daniel Padilla Shared His Thoughts On Her: 'Ngayon gusto ko ng maging walang kwentang ina!'

During an episode of the ABS-CBN morning talk show “Magandang Buhay”, actress Karla Padilla’s children shared how proud they are of their mother. 

Each of Karla’s four kids  showed their love for their mom in their own unique ways. 

Karla appeared on the Kapamilya program alongside her children Carmella, Magui, JC and of course actor Daniel Padilla. Each of the four siblings shared their unique birthday messages to their mother. 

Carmella, the youngest, gave a short but meaningful answer when she was asked how proud she was of Karla. “Super” is what she said.

Next was Magui, who thanked her mother for giving the siblings strength of character, despite living a difficult life. 

As JC was about to give his message, Daniel was teasing his brother off-screen. Daniel even joked that he was grossed out with all this outpouring of emotion. 

“Nakaka-open up, nakaka-awkward!” he said.

Even Karla admitted that they don’t normally have such an outpouring of emotion like this. JC’s message was short but sweet: he praised his mother’s courage and said he loved her.

When it was Daniel’s turn, it appeared he felt the most awkward of them all. 

"Ngayon gusto ko ng maging walang kwentang ina!" Karla joked, after hearing Daniel’s humorous but heartfelt words. 

Despite her kids feeling uncomfortable with the messages, Karla was still very grateful to hear her children express their love for her.


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