Kuya Wil receives gift backstage from 'Jesus Christ'! 'Wowowin' Host Convinced Gift is a Miracle!

An unidentified child touched the heart of 'Wowowin' host, Willie Revillame, after giving him a simple gift with a heartwarming note backstage.

It was said that after Kuya Wil received the gift, the child suddenly disappeared, which made him look for the child. Unfortunately, he was not able to see the kid again. Because of this incident, the host/comedian thought that the child may be an apparition of the child Christ.

The gift was wrapped inside a small pink box and tied with a pink ribbon. It was a black wrist watch with a small note which said that the child hoped Wil's show runs for longer and that Wil may be able to help and inspire more people. 

Wil seemed to be moved by the child's simple gift saying that Wil is indeed a blessing from the Lord above to those who are in need. 


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