LOOK! Remember The Actors Of Meteor Garden? Here They Are Now!

Remember that Taiwanese TV show back in 2001, which had girls swooning over four stylishly handsome boys with distinguishable hairstyles? 

Yep, those were the days. "Meteor Garden" had us singing "Oh baby, baby, baby" all over again, even in our darkest and most distressing moments.

But have you ever wondered where our beloved actors are now after the hit TV series made us fall in love all over again? 

According to a video by YouTube account WhatsUp Pinoy, Barbie Hsu is now 39 and happily married to Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei. They only had their wedding in March 2011, which was conducted privately! 

Ken Chan, meanwhile, had a solo career after as a singer and actor. He was still on TV shows in 2000 to 2012, bagging starring roles. He also managed to release a cookbook titled "Mei Wei Guan Xi" or "Delicious Relations." 

Vanness Wu, our favorite boy-next-door, continued to act in movies and TV shows, similar to Ken. He also released an album and owns a jewelry line called 3.V.0.7. He is now husband to Arrisa Cheo, a daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman

Vic Zhou, who became San Chai's first love in the series, actually developed a relationship with the actress herself for three years! Sadly, they split up in 2008 and now, the 35-year-old actor has appeared in lots of TV dramas and movies. 

Jerry Yan, the ultimate bad boy, continued his career as a singer and actor. Since 2003, he has released record albums and had starred in a number of TV dramas. His most recent movie, "Our Time," was released in 2015. 


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