Man Places Hidden Camera Inside GF's room, He Never Thought He Will Be Recording This

Found footage horror films were a trend in Hollywood. Movies like Paranormal Activity gave authentic scares through handheld cameras. 

However, there are people who believe that paranormal activities happen not only in movies but also in real life.

This 2010 clip by Mark Apolson from the USA shows a really creepy phenomenon. He decided to put a camera in his girlfriend's room to record what is happening to her while she is sleeping.

At first, it was a usual night of silence and snores but everything went eerie when the door on her closet started opening.

It must be pointed out that all her doors and windows were closed.

But it became creepier when the lamp fell down from the table to the floor without a force pushing it.

Apolson said that he is going to investigate it at the time it was uploaded.


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