MUST WATCH: The Worst Wardrobe Malfunction In Pageant History goes To Ms. Guarico!

The 2017 Miss Universe pageant has been the trending topic in Filipino social media as its coronation night will be held in the Philippines. Articles "reviewing" the highlights from the previous Miss Universe competitions are circulating around the web, including the worst wardrobe malfunction in Miss Universe history!

In 2009, Guarico, Venezuela's representative Miss Hildaly Dellanira Dominguez Nunez experienced the traumatizing incident which happened during the pageant's preliminary competition where the contestants had to flaunt their curves in swimsuit attire. 

Miss Guarico came out of the backstage with a massive degree of confidence in her green swimwear. When she was about to detach the green cloth covering her bikini, she accidentally unlatched the bikini as well. The bikini strap fell and her private part was uncovered! Despite being shocked with what happened, Miss Guarico managed to flash a confident smile in front of the pageant's live audience.

After the incident, the still upbeat Miss Guarico went to the backstage to fix her wardrobe malfunction. Although she was not able to bag the 2009 Miss Universe crown, she still showed that she is indeed a beauty queen for being able to show "grace under pressure". 

The Venezuelan representative demonstrated how to keep one's poise while in a stressful situation. Grace under pressure, indeed!