Scary! Little Girl Plays Alone While CCTV Watches Here. What The Father Saw In The Footage Frightened Him!

A disturbing CCTV footage of a little girl playing alone at her home has now gone viral on social media.

According to the Facebook page that posted the video, the father installed CCTV cameras in his home so he could watch over his daughter from afar. 

The video began with the little girl playing with her dolls all by herself. A few seconds in and you can faintly notice a doll in the far right move by itself!


But it got more frightening from that point on. The video shifted to a scene in a living room where the girl is drawing. While drawing, she noticed papers on the other side of the table rustle by themselves, as if some unseen figure is pushing them around. 

The little girl ran off, obviously scared. As she began to walk back to the table, the papers began to move again. Other things in the living room began moving by themselves. It was like a scene out of Paranormal Activity


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