Shocking: See How Anne Curtis Actually Behaves Behind The Camera

Yes, Anne Curtis has seen her share of controversies, especially involving her, alcohol, and a little bit of an attitude. But shockingly, Anne Curtis has again proven that when it comes to her fans, she is readily accommodating and cheerful, and definitely not the bitch that her haters often claim her to be. 

In this video, captured by one of her fans, Anne can be seen happily signing autographs for her fans. She also took the time to interact with them and answer their questions, no matter how trivial they are. She was warm and welcoming all throughout and even took the time to make sure that she got their names spelled correctly. 

This video proved why she is a formidable star after all these years. Although packaged as an "elitista," Anne showed why she possesses that "masa appeal" that made all of her fans love and adore her. 


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