This School Bus Driver Suddenly Goes Unconscious While Driving! Luckily, These Children Were Able To Do This! WATCH IT HERE!

Driving requires intense concentration, thus, driving while you’re sleepy or intoxicated should be avoided at all costs. 

It’s a well-known fact that it’s harder to operate larger vehicles, like trucks or buses. That being said, driving a school bus entails a lot of responsibility. It takes a lot of concentration to drive a huge lumbering vehicle filled with oftentimes unruly children.

However, the case was different in this particular viral video.

A CCTV camera captured footage of this school bus driver passing out while driving. His passengers, middle school students on their way home, were caught in a dangerous situation.

Luckily, these children reacted calmly and, instead of panicking, took control of the unmanned vehicle. One of the children, a boy named Jeremy, was able to grab hold of the steering wheel and regain control of the bus. Another child, who was unidentified, performed CPR on the unconscious driver. A few other children called 911 for help.

These little heroes saved themselves and the bus driver from certain doom!


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