WATCH: They Were Having Breakfast When Richard Did this To His Wife Lucy And Daughter Juliana!

Recently, the Gomez family went viral after Richard Gomez filmed them together in the most unexpected time. They were having their usual breakfast in their garden, when Richard suddely took his phone out, and started recording a video.

Lucy and their daughter Julianna immediately tried to evade the camera as they weren't prepared for the day yet. But this encouraged Richard to record further. He even teased the two, saying that they both look beautiful. But instead of getting flattered, the two ladies got more embarrassed! They tried fixing their hair to somehow look presentable but it seems like the two aren't used to looking unpresentable on cam.

Despite this, netizens still noted how beautiful they look even without make-up and their stylish clothes. They also pointed how Richard doesn't seem to age and still looks handsome as ever. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, ChisMix