Water as an Alternate to Gasoline? This Filipino Inventor Made It Possible! INCREDIBLE!

A Filipino inventor has discovered an alternative to gasoline, the environmentally damaging and costly fuel used to power our vehicles. 

His miraculous solution? Water.

Noli Dazo discovered that water can be used to power a vehicle through his latest innovation called the ‘Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen’ or ‘Tubig na Gasolina’.

Using the ‘Tubig na Gasolina’, the prominent Filipino inventor said his innovation could replace gasoline and diesel as the predominant source of fuel for running vehicles.

He demonstrated how his invention worked through a video he posted on his Facebook account.

“With 3 times the power as standard petrol or diesel, and this, in turn, helps to fully ignite and burn the standard fuel going into the engine,” Dazo wrote on his Facebook page.


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