Willie Revillame Reveals His Struggle with Loneliness Despite Fame and Successful Career - Watch Here!

An emotional Willie Revillame admits he lives a lonely life despite his continued success and fame. 

During the Wowowin host’s birthday celebration on Jan 27, Willie was visibly emotional about his birthday and not too cheerful. After the video celebrating his life, an appreciative Willie revealed the pain he feels at this point in his life. The show host revealed that he felt lonely despite the successful career he’s had so far because he was missing a real family to share his life with. The 56-year-old also revealed that he has recently begun to build a closer relationship with his children.

In a news item from GMA news, Willie drew comparisons to his life with the way first letter of his name ‘W’ was written. Just like the letter W, the host’s life has had its ups and downs. 

“Akyat, baba, akyat, baba, parang pangalan ko,” Willie said. 

The host says he finds his only inspiration from his audience and fans.

“Baba, akyat, baba, ang pinakahuli, akyat para sa inyo,” he added. 

Willie goes further and says because he has no family to call his own – he instead thinks about his audience daily. 

“Hindi niyo alam, lagi ko kayong iniisip, araw araw, laging kayo. Kasi naman wala akong pamilyang tunay. Wala akong asawa, walang magulang, walang lahat, ako lang.” Willie admitted.

Willie then thanked his daughter, actress Meryll Soriano for being supportive of him and helping him reach out to his other children. Opening up his feelings further, Willie says Meryll makes the effort of getting closer to her father. Only recently has Willie been able to get closer to his children.

“Hindi kami close. Ngayon lang kami nagiging close, itong mga panahong ito lang na ginagawan ng paraan ni Meryll.” Willie said. 

Celebrities like the Comedy Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas hoped that Willie could finally settle down with a wife that could help with his loneliness.

Willie also thanked God for granting him the opportunity to help those less fortunate than he.   


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