1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz, 'Walang K' To Criticize Maxine Medina's Q&A Answer? Watch Her Own 'Winning' Answer Here!

Gloria Diaz, the Philippines' first candidate to win the Miss Universe title, made buzz on social media a few weeks before the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant when she publicly suggested that PH bet Maxine Medina should get an interpreter.

"This is the first time I will meet Maxine and the first thing I will tell her is to get an interpreter if she feels that she can better express her thoughts using our vernacular language. She is a Filipina and I don't think it will make her less of a beauty queen if she will decide to use our language on the grand coronation," Diaz posted on social media.  

In an interview with ABS-CBN News' Marie Lozano, the former beauty queen also pointed out that the odds of Maxine winning the pageant are quite low - a remark that sparked the ire of many netizens. 

She was right after all.

But this didn't spare the former beauty queen from public scrutiny, as footage of her own Miss Universe Q&A started circulating online.

Watching Gloria's response, many netizens claimed she doesn't have the right to criticize Medina.

Rodel T. Emnace: "Wala talagang pinag-aralan makapagsalita tong si Gloria. 'Kala mo naman galing nung sagot niya. 'Di ko alam kung mga lasing 'yong mga judges at siya pinanalong MissU noon."

JR Saldua: "Paano kasi nung nanalo siya ng MU (Miss Universe) hindi pa uso tao nun. Kung makapagsalita akala mo ang ganda ng sagot niya during final Q and A."

Jhastine Diaz: "Yung panahon nga niya, walang kwenta sagot niya e. Makapagjudge na feeling expert."


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