A Couple Helped Their Dying Neighbor By Adopting Her Three Kids. What They Got In Return Will Make You Cry With Joy!

Upon being diagnosed with Stage Two esophageal and stomach cancer, Audrey, a single mom raising three kids, knew she didn't have long.

With time ticking, she had to quickly make arrangements for the care of her children and decided that no one else will do but her neighbors, Tisha and Kevin Beauchmin.

Tisha herself grew up in an orphanage and said that she wouldn't want Audrey's children to experience what she had to endure in the past. 

So despite having five children of their own, the couple, both casino employees, did not hesitate welcoming another three into their household - their family of seven now a family of ten. 

But the harsh realities of having a large family hit them. The children were cramped in what little space was available and food was a daily struggle.

With a help of a friend who nominated them to Fox5's Surprise Squad, the couple received a much-deserved blessing right when they needed it. 


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