A Drunk Woman Was Raped by Her Ex-Boyfriend and His Friends While Out Drinking With Friends! TERRIBLE!

When you go out drinking with your friends at night, you usually just expect moments of fun and pure bliss. 

No one expects at all to get raped, much less by their own ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, this happened to 'Shantal' - not her real name - who never thought that her ex would actually take advantage of her that way. 

According to her, she only wanted to drink with her friends but didn’t know that 'Tristan,' her ex, was planning a heinous attack on her. 

Shantal was helplessly sexually assaulted that terrible night — not just by Tristan but also by his equally evil friends. 

Understandably, she was unable to hide her feelings about the traumatic experience as she recounted breaking down in front of her mother. Shantal told her about the horrible experience she suffered through.

Tristan and with his friends were later arrested by the authorities. Shantal and her family, meanwhile, cry for justice. 

Her story appeared in the December 10, 2016 episode of ‘Karelayson’, a weekly drama anthology in GMA that features real-life stories of people or couples and the obstacles they face. The show is hosted by Carla Abellana.


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