A Store Staff Member Insulted This Man And Said The Phone He Was Looking At Was 'Too Expensive' for Him. What He Did Next Will Truly Shock You!

Manners are everything when it comes to business. Store staff members should know how to appropriately handle their customers and attend to their needs. Failure to do so will definitely mean dissatisfaction for the customers which could lead to the staff member being fired.

This is what happened in the video posted by Facebook user Siroje Catipan. In the video, a man approached an phone store staff member asking about a phone he wanted to buy. The staff member allegedly insulted him and claimed that the phone he wanted was "too expensive" for him. 

However, the staff member did not know the man's real identity. The staff member was unaware that the man was actually rich. Because of dismay and disappointment, the rich man immediately bought the whole store just to destroy all the items being sold there!

The staff member was shocked as the rich man crushed all the cellphones inside the store.

Socialpees.com reported that the incident happened in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The identity of both the man and the staff member were so far unverified.

What the man did was indeed shocking but it did not amuse some netizens. They claimed that the staff member may have shown disrespect but he could have shown humility in return. 


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