A Young Bella Padilla Has No Problems Having A Good Time With Her Fans! Watch The Video Here!

People have a natural tendency to look at celebrities in an admiring manner, sometimes to an extreme extent that objectifies them as being beyond human. 

This stereotype was broken by Bela Padilla when she was seen mingling with her fans.

Footage of a young Bella Padilla surfaced on the Internet that showed she had no problems talking and relating to her loyal fans. 

She was seen sharing jokes and singing popular songs for them in a genuine display of affection towards those who support her acting career. All the girls around her were happy and laughing with the relatable young actress. 

Some of the people present during what appeared to be a fan meet-up for Bela came from far provinces such as Laguna and Rizal. These remote fans didn’t mind the journey just so they could spend time with their favorite actress, and she definitely did not disappoint. 

The group even shared some pick-up lines, a trend during that time, and Bela happily obliged with her share of cheesy lines.

Netizens expressed their happiness with Bela’s warm reception of her fans, saying that she is not the usual “mataray” and snobbish celebrity. One YouTube user commented and said, “ung ugali ni bella sa mga fans na sobrang kalog at mabait walang arte...”

Bela Padilla now stars in the newly-premiered ABS-CBN evening primetime show 'My Dear Heart' where she is one of the lead cast members along with Zanjoe Marudo, Nayomi Ramos, and Coney Reyes

She also recently revealed a teaser for her comeback to the Kapamilya hit show 'Ang Probinsyano' where she was initially killed off in one of the earlier episodes.

Bela recently became a single lady, after she and her boyfriend of fou years, businessman Neil Arce, broke up. Despite their split, Bela made it clear that they are not ending their “artistic/creative partnership.”


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