ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! This Guy Sleepwalked at Exactly 3AM and Did Something That Will Blow Your Mind Away! Must Watch!

“Bawal manuod ang may sakit sa puso.”

This was the exact line that was posted by Facebook fanpage ‘Tambayan ng Mga Malulupit’ when they posted a video that was captioned “Proof of #Sleepwalking.” 

Why the warning? What’s with the video that was so alarming, you needed to be cautioned if you’re faint of heart? 

Apparently, the video was, as it said, proof that sleepwalking does happen and in strange, mysterious circumstances as well. 

This is the case of a man and a woman who was staring at a CCTV footage of a young man sleeping in bed. The time is approximately 2:59 A.M. and the man is showing the woman the footage. 

“An’ong mangyayari diyan?” the woman asked as her companion.

“Basta, abangan niyo lang,” the man said. 

And so the woman waited. She watched the footage. By three o’ clock, the young man in bed sat up and strangely rocked back and forth.

The woman was shocked and the man asked her, “Ano ‘yung oras?” 

“Saktong three,” she noticed, her voice wavering. The young man in the footage continued to rock back and forth.

This went on for several minutes and after which, the young man angled his body to the side of the bed and began to sit in an upright position. 

Both the man and the woman were silent. The young man then stood up and this was when the woman uttered, “O! ‘San pupunta ‘yan?!” she asked in disbelief.


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