After Being Deceased for 3 Years, This Woman Is Dug Up And Walks! Watch Here!

WARNING: The following video features images may be found by some as disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. 

There are many things in this world which remain undiscovered and unexplained. These mysteries are often met with a certain curiosity, as they believe these may have hints of the supernatural. Others express skepticism towards such stories, looking for logical explanations for seemingly unnatural events.  

Please keep an open mind when reading this story.

A video is trending all over social media for it’s strange and rather creepy subject matter. This woman had been reportedly deceased for three years when people dug her up from her grave. 

Supposedly to everyone’s disbelief and shock, the dead lady began to walk. 

The video is actually a recording of an Indonesian tradition called the Toraja ritual. Accompanying the recorded footage is a short explanation of the ritual. The ritual involves digging the dead from their grave, getting them dressed in nice clothing and be prayed over. Silence overcame the people watching as they reportedly saw the body move on its own. They immediately took videos and photos of the whole ritual.

Many netizens have expressed their skepticism over the contents of the video, calling it a hoax. 

We certainly can’t prove anything without the facts first.


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