Anne Curtis Accidentally Lifts up her Shirt on TV, Exposing Her Bra!

On an episode of the popular noontime variety show 'It's Showtime', Anne Curtis was recorded in a minor slip. 

The aforementioned episode was aired on February 14, 2017, according to sources. A short clip of the supposedly minor incident was posted on the popular video-sharing site Youtube shortly after the episode came out on live television. 

Anne's little blooper happened when Vice Ganda attempted to tickle her neck while she was in the middle of a spiel. Vice's playful little gesture caught Anne off-guard

The actress immediately reached for her neck to try to stop her co-host from tickling her. But Anne didn't realize that her sudden movement would lead to her hand accidentally lifting her top, which resulted in viewers getting a momentary peek of her torso and parts of her bra. 

The incident caught the attention of netizens when a short clip of it was posted on Youtube. 


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