Billy Crawford Almost Got Into a Fight With a Contestant on 'It's Showtime!' MUST WATCH!

We all know that Billy Crawford is part of the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ where he currently appears alongside Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis. The show has lots of segments and part of the appeal of the program is to get the audience involved as much as possible. 

But did you know that Billy almost got into a fight with a contestant? It started when what appeared to be a guy came on stage for the ‘I am Pogay’ segment. He was singing when Vice and Billy came to his side. Anne Curtis was also present. 

“Kinakabahan ka!” Vice joked. 

“No!” was the contestant’s instant answer.

“No? Ni-no ka!” Anne exclaimed in a teasing kind of way. 

Then Vice asked him, “Para kanino ba ‘yung ‘Be My Lady’ na kinanta mo?” 

“Uh, sa ngayon, sa nanay ko po muna,” the contestant answered. 

“May girlfriend ka ba?” Vice asked. And then the contestant revealed that he - or rather she - was, in fact, a “tomboy.”

“Ah, tomboy nga pala… tomboy na tomboy, o pa-girl na tomboy?” Vice continued to prod. 

“’Yung tomboy na tomboy talaga, ‘yung naka-bowl cut… lalaking-lalaki,” was the answer. 

“Tapos ikaw ‘yung girl?” Vice asked. 

“Opo!” the contestant confirmed. And then it was Billy’s turn to grill the contestant. 

“Asan na siya ngayon?” he asked. 

The contestant answered that she’s currently in Manila. And then Billy’s expression turned into disappointment and he turned his back against the contestant. 


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