Dad Catches His Wife Do Something Weird In Their Child's Nursery Room On CCTV! Must Read!

People install CCTV cameras principally because they want to assure the security and safety of their home. CCTV cameras are very useful in monitoring the activities done inside a particular room. Parents, specifically, use these tools to ensure the safety of their children

Tyrone Morris installed a CCTV camera inside his son's nursery room to ensure his kid's safety. However, he  did not expect that he will catch his wife doing something odd inside the nursery room. Tyrone noticed it while he was reviewing the room's footage.

According to, Tyrone's wife was busy tucking her son to sleep. Suddenly, Tyrone was shocked when his wife laid back and crawled out of the nursery. It seemed like the scene was taken out of an Asian horror movie as Tyrone found his wife's position very weird.

However, instead of being frightened, Tyrone laughed at his wife and found the incident hilarious as he caught his wife doing her special tactics to sneak away from their son.

Tyrone posted the video on his Facebook wall and it garnered so much attention that it reached more than 100,000 shares. He captioned his post with:

"The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to get the room after putting your son down. Sometimes you have to use your initiative to exit!"


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