Daniel Matsunaga Finally Breaks His Silence on His Breakup With Erich Gonzales: 'I Have Respect for Myself and I Don't Depend on Anybody.'

The DanRich love team seemingly reached its unfortunate end when Erich Gonzales deleted all of her posts with Daniel Matsunaga on Instagram. But when the couple appeared on the game show ‘Minute to Win It Last Duo Standing Editon', fans were shocked to know that the couple appeared to look happy. 

They won one-million pesos and soon after things started to get messy between them. For one, Erich revealed to the press that she’s no longer on talking terms with Daniel. 

This contradicts with Daniel's statement that he made on Instagram — that both of them were undergoing “personal things” and that people should instead respect their privacy. 

A few days after, Erich bluntly confirmed the bad news during her recent interviews. Erich revealed that they’ve already broken up and she doesn’t want to remain friends with him. 

She denied the third party angle but remained mum on the money issue. 

Although Erich has refused to speak about it, Daniel's sister, Vanessa, wrote a lengthy comment in one of Erich's Instagram posts. She called Erich out for not addressing the money issue - specifically the cash prize the couple won in the game show. 

Erich rebutted and said that, unlike Vanessa, she doesn’t have a rich significant other for a partner. People went wild and thought that Daniel, along with his family, were just leeching money off from Erich. They speculated that it must have been her fame that the Matsunagas were latching onto, along with her supposed wealth. 

Daniel remained silent about the matter but finally revealed the following on his Instagram account: “I have respect for myself and I don’t depend on anybody to earn anything cause everything that I have comes from the Lord."


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