Diego Loyzaga Goes Beastmode After Father Calls Him A Drug Addict

Diego Loyzaga became viral after posting anger-fueled posts on his Instagram account directed towards his father, seasoned actor Cesar Montano.

Diego posted shocking rants after his father called him a drug addict and threatened to go after him.

Diego shared that he had already taken 5 different drug tests and has turned negative in each one, yet his father continued to insist that he is a drug addict.

He also revealed Cesar's unfulfilled promises to him and his sisters. Aside from this, he sarcastically thanked Cesar for sending his sisters to school, a duty that he thinks every father must do.

Diego is Cesar's love child to actress Teresa Loyzaga. He had experienced hardships and even had to prove himself as a legitimate child, because back in the day, Cesar had doubts if Diego was really his son.


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