Girl Leaves Mysterious Call for 'Help' on FB Chat and is Still Missing Today!

It has been more than 24 hours since Joy Dianne Orata-Ancheta, a student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, went missing. According to her Facebook friends and relatives, there are still no leads about her current situation as of this writing.

Ancheta was asked to bring three cellphones to a repair shop in Farmers Market, Cubao at around 10am to 12pm yesterday. This was the last time she was spotted. Aside from the gadgets, she was also carrying cash amounting to Php 2,100. According to Mary Jane Tadoc, there is still no word from Ancheta until today.

Their worry intensified as Ancheta sent a Facebook message asking for 'help'. Todoc  claimed they received the message at around 12:19pm yesterday. However, they did not immediately pay attention to the message. They are still looking for anything that could give them clues about Ancheta's whereabouts.


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