Heartbreaking: Rich Girl Falls In Love with Poor Boy. The Ending Will Shatter You!

Love is an unexplainable force that pulls two people together. However, as magical as that sounds, not all love story ends with a happily-ever-after. This love story of a rich girl and an ordinary guy ends in a tragic twist that will shatter you!

After being saved by the guy from a gang fight in a parking lot, the roads of this two have finally crossed. As a thank-you gift for saving her, the girl waited for him to give him a present. After this, one thing led to another and their friendship evolved.

Eventually, both fell for one another until an obstacle came to tear them apart.

The girl's father believed that their relationship was not as pure as she thought it is, claiming that their "love" was not enough. The girl's father simply wanted her to break up with him.

However, she refused to do so and quickly ran away from home out of frustration. She went to her boyfriend's home where she stayed.

Until one time, while cooking, the girl fainted, forcing him to bring her to the hospital. Left with no choice, the guy knew he had to call her father.


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