Here Are The Most Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings That You Need To Know!

People usually dream in their sleep, especially if from a long hard day at work or school. There is still no scientific reason why we dream but scientists are theorizing that our brain is doing this to process our thoughts.

While some dreams are easily forgettable, some could inspire people. It is said that the inventor of sewing machine saw the idea of inventing it from his dream.

However, dreams could not just act as an idea but it could also mean something that could tell what is really happening to someone. Useful Gen, a known "inspiration and motivation" page on Facebook, shared the different meanings of dream.

1) Falling
It means that you are currently experiencing huge problems in work, relationship, or elsewhere important to you.

2) Death
It could mean that a dramatic change or transition is happening in your life.

3) Being Naked In Public
It means that you may feel vulnerable and way too exposed to everyone.

4) Falling tooth
You may have heard different interpretations about it. Some said it predicts that a love of your life will die. it could also mean that there is something that is making you lose your confidence.


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