His Wife Ended their Marriage When he Left His Job. You Wouldn't Believe The Reason Behind It!

Stories about failed marriages can be seen all over the internet nowadays. Some of them come from secondhand sources, others come from the those who have survived failed marriages themselves. 

These stories can be seen online in different forms; interviews, videos, social media posts accompanied by pictures - the list goes on. But the most revealing of all forms of break-up stories are probably the letters posted by the couples (or soon to be ex-couples) themselves. 

You get so many of those from Facebook these days, it wouldn't come a surprise if someone makes a news feed option dedicated to just those things. 

One very good example of couples breaking up on social media would have to be an exchange between a husband and wife from the Philippines. 

When this wife realized that her husband had resigned from his job, she decided to leave him. She even posted a letter addressed to him on Facebook. Why she chose to do it in public instead of in private is anyone's guess.


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