Jose Manalo About To Engage In A Fist Fight While On Live TV?! Must Watch!

During Eat Bulaga's segment 'All for Juan, Juan For All', comedian and TV host Jose Manalo did not expect that he will experience a hilarious encounter with the segment's winner!

When Eat Bulaga host Vic Sotto announced the winner for the segment, Jose's team immediately headed to the winner's house. 

Jose together with co-hosts Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros were walking towards the house of their winner when suddenly a by-stander jumped right in front of Jose and positioned himself as if he was about to engage in a fist fight. Jose was shocked and as a response, he quickly positioned to defend himself. Security personnel and barangay tanods around him acted immediately protected him. They drew the anonymous man away from the celebrities to protect them from any possible attacks.

The man quickly escaped from the scene and ran towards a street corner. Jose then pretended to be a policeman and chased the 'attacker' rapidly! The comedian then treated his microphone as a gun and asked for a negotiation with the man. He screamed: "Pag-usapan natin to!".

After minutes of running and chasing as if they were in an all-out action movie, the anonymous man appeared once again and formally introduced himself.

"Sino ka ba?" the program's hosts asked.

"Si Juanito Camacho Jr. po." the man answered immediately.

Upon hearing the name, Jose realized something.

"Ikaw pala ha," Jose claimed as he locked Juanito's head in his arms.

Everything turned out to be clear for everyone when they realized that the man who attacked Jose was actually the winner of the segment. He wanted to approach the hosts to claim that he is the winning contestant but the events turned hilarious. Moreover, Juanito himself knows how to answer in a witty and funny way which added to the show's entertainment value.


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