LOOK! This Mom Sets up a Hidden Camera at Home but Finds Her Children Doing This Unbelievable Thing!

There are  people who install CCTV cameras into their houses just so they could monitor their children whenever they are out of the house. In the US, this practice is so widespread that it’s become a must in every household to have one installed. 

However, in this particular household, a mom got the shock of her life when she saw one of the footages featuring her children doing something extraordinary.

In this story from Metaspoon, we are introduced to this mom named Rujeana who has two kids. She decided to install a CCTV in their living room so that the Grandma could monitor her grandkids while she’s out. One day, Rujeana left the kids with their dad and lo and behold, guess what she saw in the footage?

Her daughter was dancing to a song by Katy Perry while waving red pom-poms all around. Her husband arrives in the scene and to her surprise, he lays down the laundry basket he’s supposed to hold. 

He crouches down and proceeds to do a robot dance, accompanying his daughter who happily waves her pom-poms. The father approaches his daughter while continuously doing weird, funny moves and suddenly, he begins to amble forward to his other child in the background. 


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