Maine Mendoza's Real Attitude Behind The Camera Will Shock You! MUST WATCH!

Showbiz personalities are often expected to behave properly as they are public figures who serve as models for their audience. As a result, they avoid doing anything that could possibly affect their image.

This is probably one of the main concerns of Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza in real life when she entered the Philippine entertainment industry at a young age. Ever since she became a part of GMA 7's noontime show 'Eat Bulaga', Yaya Dub has been a consistent trending topic on social media. It seemed like netizens always look closer at her every actions and words.

That is also the reason why this particular video went viral as it showed Maine's real attitude when there is no camera around her. It really shocked many netizens as they never expected Maine to behave this way since she is already at the peak of her career. Maine's name has become a household classic and she currently has numerous endorsements and TV appearances. But this video proves that Maine knows how to keep her feet on the ground at all times.

The video showed 'Yaya Dub' being overwhelmed by hundreds of her fans who were excited to meet her. Because of the heightened security, some of her fans who wished to have her autograph and picture taken were not able to even come close to her. 

Even though her bodyguards were dragging her to get out of the crowded place, Maine still chose to return and give her fans their autograph and picture wishes. The actress still accommodated her fans despite possible threats to her security.


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