Man Asks His Wife For a Divorce But Didn't Expect This To Happen After 30 Days! Get Your Tissues Ready. You're Gonna Need Them!

There's a new viral video online and it's bound to make you cry buckets of tears.

The video tells the story of a husband who realizes he no longer loved his wife and that he was falling for another woman. He asked her for a divorce but vowed to continue to support her and their son financially.

But the wife didn't want any of that, and instead agreed to the divorce under a certain condition: he had to carry her to the door - much like how he carried her when they were newly-weds - for 30 days. The wife said that they should do it for their son who was about to have an exam in a few days and shouldn't be distracted by his parents' squabble.

The least he could do was agree to this simple, albeit odd, request. 

The first few days were the most difficult as he clumsily carried his wife to the door. She felt like a stranger to him and he felt guilty about. 

But as the days passed and the routine remained, he felt familiar emotions returning to a point that he started thinking twice about filing for divorce.


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