Man Installs Hidden Cameras In His Home - Captures Something Shocking With the Housekeeper and His Wife!

A video has gone viral all over social media, featuring what a husband allegedly recorded on a hidden camera he installed. Many homes have hidden cameras installed in them as a safety precaution because no one knows what the hired help may be up to while the homeowners are away.

This husband was completely shocked at he discovered when he reviewed this supposed footage. 

The video features the husband giving instructions to his housekeeper as he prepares to leave for work. Apparently he suspected that she was "stealing" from them. 

The man kissed his wife goodbye and went to work. The moment the husband leaves, the housekeeper and the wife alone excitedly embrace and kiss.

You can watch the viral video here:

Netizens have shared their various reactions towards the video. Some were excited at the idea of a wife cheating on her husband for a woman.

Some netizens have said that cheating is cheating regardless of sexuality.


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