Man Was Miraculously Found Alive After Three Days Inside Sunken Ship! Look!

We have heard different versions of miracles that took place in various places across the globe. Some seem completely unbelievable while some are simply amazing. 

However, this certain story of a man's survival inside a sunken ship caught the attention of the online community.

On May 28, 2013, a team of scuba divers was conducting a recovery effort in South Africa in search for dead bodies after a Nigerian ship sunk. Considering that it had been three days since the tragic incident, the men weren't expecting the operation to turn into a rescue mission. 

Amazingly, the men found a sailor who had miraculously survived inside the ship. Fortunately, he was able to find air pockets as the ship sunk to the ocean floor

The man was identified as Harrison Okene. For three days, he lived inside the dark ship with no food and water. Although he was evidently scared at first, the rescue turned out successful. 

His video, on the other hand, went viral online with over 3.8 million views. Although it has been years since the miracle happened, his story continues to circulate online. 


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