Man With The 'Best Job Ever' Is Out To Make You Hate Your Job Even More! Seriously, You Have To Watch This 'Til The End!

How would you describe the 'perfect job'? 
One with competitive salary? A good working environment? A job you can't wait to go to every single day?

If you haven't found it, well, this guy definitely has. 

Meet Lars Larson, the man who has become viral for having the "Best Job in the World". What he does for a living? Health and security officer for the topless women trampoline team

That means his job involves watching gorgeous, topless women from all over the world bounce up and down the trampoline. Every day. For the entire year.

Of course guys, there are real health and security concerns when it comes to "trampoline-ing" so Larson has to be very observant to see if the girls are doing it properly and safely.   

He also has to facilitate warm up and cool down routines for the women which he does rather well given the amount of distraction he has to contend with. 


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