Mom Thought her Daughter and Husband Were Making Breakfast - What She Saw Instead Surprised Her!

The term “daddy’s girl” exists because sometimes a little girl is closer to their father than their mother. Naturally, these dads have a tendency to treat their little ones like princesses. 

This viral video of a father-daughter bond has all netizens left with smiles on their faces. 

The mother, who recorded this video, came into the kitchen expecting to find her husband cooking breakfast. He was definitely cooking - while dancing with their daughter to the tune of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.

The daughter clung to her father’s arms while he was cooking at the stove, all the while swaying from left to right.

As they spun around, they both noticed that mom had been watching the whole time. So, naturally they decided to make it a little waltz-y.

It just goes to show how deep and loving the bond between a girl and her dad can be.


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