MUST SEE! Look at This Footage of a Dad Doing Something Weird To His Baby! What a Shock!

Do you know that in American households, installing CCTVs is quite common, especially when families have children in them? 

These can be especially useful because the cameras let them monitor their child whenever they are out of the house or when a babysitter takes over to watch the child. 

A certain mom installed a camera that is able to give her an unobstructed view of her child’s crib. It also allows her to easily know whether the child is already sleeping or if somebody decides to bother the child at night. 

True enough, somebody did—-it was none other than her own husband! When the woman played the CCTV footage, she found her husband tucking in their child - but something weird happened.

One of the baby’s arms went up as if tensed. The husband gently held the baby’s arm down but in a weird, simultaneous way, the other arm of the baby went up! 

He held the other arm down but when he did, the other side of the baby’s arm went up again. This kind of motion continued without the baby opening its eyes for almost a minute. A giggling sound could be heard playing from the video. 


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