SHOCKING! Paolo Contis on Sexy Star Kim Domingo: 'Ang Laki Ng **** Mo, Pwede Kong Hawakan?'

Kim Domingo's sexiness drives men wild. Case in point: in Bubble Gang's 'Hari ng Bastos' segment, Paolo Contis blurted out this lewd statement to the sexy star: "Miss, ang laki ng **** mo, pwede kong hawakan?"  

In response, Kim slapped him and cried out, "Bastos!" 

In the episode, Paolo played the role of a patient suffering from Tourette's - an unusual disorder that causes afflicted people to involuntarily say foul words. The story behind the segment was his character got hit on the head during an accident and had to be brought to the hospital. 

Kim was another patient in the hospital who arrived after Paolo. She sat down beside him, while he stared intently at her. He then casually dropped the lewd question. Paolo's wife in the segment told Kim that he was sick and only meant to ask her for the time. 

In case you didn't know, Bubble Gang has been airing on GMA for more than 20 years and includes a roster filled with immense talent, namely: Michael V, Paolo Contis, Boy 2 Quizon, Sef Cayedona, Mikael Daez, Diego Llorico, Myka Chariz Solomon, Arny Ross, Gwen Zamora, Betong Sumaya, Antonio Aquitania, RJ Padilla, Juancho Trivino, and Denise Barbacena. 

Kim Domingo, a Kapuso talent, appears on the show from time to time. The sexy star was raised in Quezon City and has French blood running through her Pinay veins. She's also an alumna of the Our Lady of Fatima University, where she earned her degree in denstistry - talk about beauty and brains, right? 

She began her road to sexiness when she was introduced by Ginebra San Miguel as their calendar girl for 2017. Kim also recently graced the cover of FHM Philippines' January 2017 issue, solidifying her sexy star status. 


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