These 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate During Your Shower Can Change Your Life! READ HERE!

Many health experts suggest a rather disturbing habit that everyone should develop as it brings different amazing benefits- Urinating during shower! It might seem taboo to talk about, but it can do wonders not just individually, but also in general. Check out the four reasons below!

1) Urinating in the shower is doing the planet a very big favor
According to the research done by the Agency for Environmental Protection which is based in the United States, doing this can actually save up to 27% water flow! This is because you wouldn't actually need to flush the toilet. 

2) It's a lot more hygienic
This is more beneficial to women as they wouldn't need to wipe their private parts with tissue paper which usually exposes it to bacteria. This can eventually lead to UTI and other harmful infections. Doing it in the shower can prevent this from happening. 


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