This Drunk Girl Passes Out On His Friend's Couch. You Won't Expect What The Guy Does After! Must Watch!

Getting drunk and crashing on a male friend's couch might be one of the biggest no-nos for any girl. 

And with good reason! Many of the reported rape incidents start with a simple night out. And when the heinous crime is done, the perpetrators defend their advances by saying that the girl was asking for it the moment she decided to get drunk around guys.

Take for example the infamous case of Stanford varsity swimmer Brock Turner who sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman near a dumpster during a fraternity party in 2016.

But this doesn't need to be the case according to this Youtube video. Ironically titled "Guy has s*x with drunk girl", the two-minute clip shows what men should really be doing when they are left with a drunk on their couch.

Because in a world where men are REAL men and not Brock Turners, and women are not objectified and instead treated with respect, girls can have all the fun in the world and not get raped.


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