This Girl Almost Had an Orgasm in Front of Her Boyfriend's Mother!

Oscar Wilde once said that “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”. 

One guy (sort of) proved that recently when he played a hilarious prank on his girlfriend.

A man named Ryan Hamilton decided to give his girlfriend a “little gift” that turned out to be a pair of vibrating panties. Upon receiving it, his girlfriend agreed to try them on. 

After checking to see that the vibrating panties were indeed working properly, Ryan then tried to distract his girlfriend by asking her some questions. He did this to make her forget that she was still wearing the vibrating underwear.  

The tactic seemingly work because, a few minutes later, they headed out for dinner - with his girlfriend still wearing the vibrating panties. 

They picked up his mother on the way to the restaurant with his girlfriend in the driver's seat. While in the car with his mom, Ryan proceeded to turn on his girlfriend’s new underwear with a remote control. The underwear kept vibrating, almost causing Ryan’s girlfriend to orgasm in the presence of his mom. 

Ryan filmed the whole thing and uploaded it on youtube.  The video made quite a sensation online, garnering about 2 million views. 

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