This Homeless Man Went Viral After Giving An Excellent Rendition of 'To Love You More' and 'Rescue Me'. WATCH HERE!

A homeless man in Iloilo shocked many netizens in the most unusual way! In a video, he performed Celine Dion's 'To Love You More' and Bryan Adam's "Rescue Me" so well that it left many netizens in awe! 

According to Pakz Abonado Formalidad, who recorded the video using Facebook's live stream, it happened during the town fair in Iloilo. They weren't really paying attention to the old man until he grabbed the mic and sang to his heart's content. 

Although he had technical glitches here and there, he had an unbelievable voice and was able to hit the high notes with ease, All the bystanders were completely blown away by his performance. 

Some netizens theorized that he might have been a band vocalist back in the day but went down a sad path due to the mental problem he was suffering from. 

As of January 28, the video has already garnered 1.8 million views and over 116,000 reactions. More videos of him got uploaded online since then.

Some netizens also felt bad about how his family abandoned. Many prayed that someone would help him. 

Netizen Donna Villa Milan Gil commented "Memorize nga din NIYA at yung English niya ha. Wow! Galing. Superb Kuya. Napagaling niya as in. Mahilig ako sa kanta at videoke sa bahay pero diko memorized to. Singer ka nga Kuya."

"Nkka touch nmn..hindi xa baliw hopeless at homeless lng siguro xa dahil sa kahirapan at walang nag mamahal dhil sa kalagayan nya..kc ayos n ayos xang kumanta..sana matulungan xa my panahon pa ,para gumanda ang buhay nya,,kawawa watching from taiwan..God sa mga tao tutulung sknya..God bless" said another netizen. 

One netizen noted how the beggar has a great sense of musicality saying: "Dapat pinakain mo muna brod mas gagaling pa yan. May musicality sya pitik pitik palang ng kamay.seguro dating performer yan.kabisado nya yung song."


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