This Man Interrupts a Wedding. What Happens Next Is As Chilling As It Is Unexpected! Must Watch!

Remember that iconic movie scene wherein someone makes a dramatic entrance in the middle of a wedding ceremony and shouts "Itigil ang kasalang ito!"? Then every head turns to find the leading man or woman confessing his/her love for either the bride or the groom in a desperate attempt to win them back.

What happened in Ireland somewhat resembles that scene. However, it's the sweetest, most unexpected thing the bride and groom could ever ask to happen during their wedding.

On February 3, Tricia and Neil Swan finally said their vows to each other in a church in Kincasslagh, Ireland

The ceremony went smoothly all throughout. But just as it was about to end, one voice thundered from the back pews and sang a heartfelt "How Great Thou Art", flash mob style. 

He basically upstaged the priest who was supposed to do that part. But the man's infectious energy and enthusiasm caused the others to do the same. 


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