This Store Owner Did Not Expect That The Homeless Who Sleeps Outside His Store Will Do This For Him!

Kindness takes every form and it often comes from the people we least expect it from.

One example would be the featured story in this advertisement video that sparked discussion among the netizens.

In the video, a store owner consistently showed hate towards a homeless man who frequently sleeps outside his store. He verbally and physically abuse the beggar as he wanted to drive him away. There was a time when he even splashed him a bucket of water while sleeping. He also hit the homeless man just to force him to leave as he always finds him lying outside his store every morning.

One day, the owner was shocked when he failed to see the beggar outside the store. He tried to look for him around the area but to no avail. He then noticed that a CCTV camera was installed in front of his business. He decided to review the captured footage.

The owner then suddenly went into an emotional breakdown upon seeing the videos caught by the CCTV camera.


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