Unbelievable! This Bride Was Slapped by Her Groom After She Teased Him During the Wedding Reception!

Supposedly, a woman's wedding is the most memorable day of her life. That day would supposedly mark her life's greatest milestone wherein she will vow to spend the rest of her life with just one man.

However, what if she finds out that she made an awful choice in her groom during her very own wedding reception?

Men can be unreasonably short-tempered every once in a while, however, this man's sudden outburst during his wedding reception caught everyone by surprise.

In the short video clip now circulating online, the groom was seen slapping his wife's hand after being teased. 

In an attempt to be sweet while the couple gets their first slice of cake, the bride was seen teasing her husband using a spoonful of cake. Unfortunately, the man's temper got the best of him when he decided he's had enough and violently slapped his bride's hand away.

The incident caught the wedding guests and netizens by surprise. No one can imagine how she'll handle living with him for the rest of their lives as she had vowed. She might be looking at a future filled with domestic abuse.


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