VIDEO: How To Tighten Feminine Private Part And Its Benefits!

Are you a new mother? Are you concerned with the space your new child has left in your feminine area? Or maybe you feel old down below and have the need to be better for your partner? Then you came to the right place! Vaginas are naturally bound to get loose, and Dermaesthetique Manila has just the thing for you.

The issue of vaginal looseness has maybe become a taboo topic to discuss, but the needs for some women have to be addressed.  Dra. Emmylou Eclipse from Dermaesthetique Manila discussed how their clinic uses carbon monoxide in the tightening process of the vagina. 

According to her, the machine will be inserted in the private area for about 4 to 6 millimeters deep. The laser will then produce a beam that will penetrate .5 millimeters in the skin where collagen will be formed. Dr. Eclipse claimed that it is a painless procedure but a small rate of pressure can be felt.

After the clinical procedures, it is advised that the client does not engage in vaginal intercourse for four days. This span of time is when the vagina is undergoing its self-process of tightening.

Dr Eclipse laid down alll the benefits of this procedure. According to her, the proceudre may help in closing the vaginal doors, enhancing sexual pleasure and restoring the tone of the vaginal tissue.

The proceudre may also affect the woman's blood flow, allowing more lubrication. It also strengthens the ligaments which support the surrounding areas of the bladder and urethra. Moreover, it also lessens the symptoms of urinary incontinence where the bladder releases extra fluid during physical activities or exertion.


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