Watch Here! This Obese Couple Had Problems In the Bedroom - So They Did This Instead!

Part of a typical marriage vow is the declaration that both partners will love each other through “sickness and health.”

This couple looks like they’re holding up to their marriage vows in light of visible issues.

In a report by the DailyMail, Deng Yang and Lin Yue have been married since 2010. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to enjoy one of the privileges that comes with being in a couple. 

That is because they weigh at around 395 kilograms - together they weigh a total 882 pounds.

Obviously, their extra pounds get in the way of their lives. They order food and clothing to be delivered directly to their home. 

Their weight also gets in the way of their love-making. It’s quite unfortunate.

"We didn't control our diets.” Yang says.

“We ate and drank a lot, and we gained weight easily. She has put on about 90 kg of weight and I have gained 100 kg."

Rather than attempt to lose weight the couple just kept getting larger and larger. Nevertheless, the two hope to become parents and get pregnant soon.

They have both decided to undergo gastric bypass to help with their marital and health problems.

Doctors are optimistic about their chance to lose half the weight if they continue with this treatment. 


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