Watch Out! A Tilapia Was Discovered Full of Dangerous Tapeworms! Watch It Here!

When it comes to food, Filipinos will eat anything filling, delicious and easy to make. Our culture has a wide variety of ‘ulam’ – viands served with rice. Even visiting tourists can't resist the allure of our national delicacies. 

For example, when former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres visited the Philippines to judge the 65th Miss Universe pageant, she quickly posted an Instagram video on how much she missed her favorite Filipino food ‘sinigang ma baboy’ - a savory pork-based dish served with vegetables in a sour soup. 

A popular and simple Filipino viand is the inexpensive freshwater fish locally called Tilapia. Tilapia is called by fisheries as the ‘aquatic chicken’ because they breed and grow quickly and are widely available.

After this video of a tilapia being cleaned went viral - you might think about switching to eating Bangus for a while 

The STPH Staff Youtube channel uploaded a video showing a fish vendor extracting a tapeworm from the tilapia he was filleting. 

The short video clip begins with the fish vendor filleting the fish as the customer records the process. He sounded amazed and was heard saying, "Oh, yeahh" while the fish was being cut up.

A few seconds in the video it was revealed that a long tapeworm was inside the tilapia. The vendor then expertly pulled pieces of the tapeworm out using a knife. 

The customer recording it said, “Ya’ll better skin your fish” as a reminder to anyone viewing the video to always clean their food.

The video has since garnered 76,567 views as of writing.

The US National Library of Medicine has stated tapeworms hiding in fish can easily infect people.


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